27-day Cross Indonesia Travel Tour Package

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Sprawling across the equator for nearly 5,000 kilometres, the 17,000 islands of Indonesia form one of the most evocative countries on earth. On this fascinating 27-Day Hosted Expedition, (limited to 8 participants) travellers visit the exotic islands of Java, Sulawesi, Bali, Lombok and Komodo, exploring their azure waters, slumbering volcanoes, towering temples, lush tropical forests and untouched coastal marine habitats. The expedition is designed exclusively for discerning travellers who are seeking a seamless and luxurious journey, filled with intellectual experiences and rich in insider experiences. We pride ourselves on demanding only the highest calibre of service delivery, and have carefully crafted tours that include only the most outstanding accommodation partners, avoid the well-beaten path taken by traditional tour operators, and showcase a side of Indonesia you're not likely to discover on your own.

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Pick up location
Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Pick up time
12 : 00 AM

Tour's Duration
27 Days

Price from
$ 9,990 / pax

Tour's Location
Lombok, Indonesia

Activity List

  • Sightseeing
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Visit to Temples
  • Visit to Cultural attractions
  • Art performance (Traditional Dance)
  • Visit to Komodo National Park
  • Liveaboard


  • Mobile Telephone
  • Transportation
  • Meals and Snacks
  • Accommodation
  • Admission Fees for Sites and Performances
  • Miscellaneous Expenses


  • Alcohol Beverages (available for purchase)

Additional Info

  • On Day 1, travellers make their way to JAKARTA, the Indonesian Capital, where we meet at a 5-star hotel for a Welcome Dinner and Orientation.
  • Wasting no time on Day 2, we fly to Central Java to visit the ancient TEMPLE OF BOROBUDUR. This colossal 9th-century relic, the world's largest Buddhist monument, is a World Heritage Site which makes other Southeast Asia sites seem almost incidental.
  • On Day 3, we awake early at Borobudur to watch the sun rise over the enigmatic temple, then drive through the Java countryside to the CITY OF YOGYAKARTA ("JOGJA"), the "cultural capital" of Java. On Days 4 and 5 we explore Jogja, including the palace of the ruling Sultan, and PRAMBANAN, the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, built in the 9th century.
  • Early on Day 6, we board a small plane and fly to TANA TORAJA, a tiny mountainous region in the central highlands of the Island of Sulawesi. The indigenous people of Toraja lived in isolation for millennia. Cut off from the outside world, the Torajan people developed highly-unique customs and traditions which have been the fixation of cultural anthropologists since the early 1970s. Overland vehicles await us when we touch down in Toraja, so we can immediately begin our exploration of this vibrant tribal culture. On days 7, 8 and 9, we have 3 more days to explore the sites, villages and stunning scenery of Tana Toraja with our native Torajan guides. A true mecca for travellers!
  • On Day 10 we fly to BALI for 7 days on an island where almost everything has spiritual meaning and leaves you with a lasting impression of reverence, peace and tranquility. Our native Bali tour guides take us off the well-trodden path to intricately carved temples rarely visited by tourists, magnificent vistas, looming volcanoes, crater lakes, lush green forests, terraced rice fields tripping down hillsides, and villages where locals prepare us meals while excited youngsters perform ritual dances.
  • On Day 17, we fly to LOMBOK (Bali's less renown neighbour to the east) to spend 5 days on a beach-fringed island that is synonymous with 'relaxation.' Lombok offers white sandy beaches, spectacular tropical reefs, outstanding marine life, vivid sunsets . . . everything you dreamed of when you planned your tropical vacation.
  • On Day 22, we fly to the ISLAND OF FLORES for the climax of our Cross-Indonesia journey. In Flores we board a luxury Indonesian sailing vessel and set sail for the famed KOMODO ISLANDS. For 4 days, we sleep and eat on our opulent vessel as we glide through crystal blue waters teeming with dolphins, green turtles, giant mantas and more marine life than anywhere else on earth. We stop along the way to snorkel on pristine white beaches, and, of course, to explore the island coastlines in search of a few of the 2,500 Komodo Dragons that inhabit the islands.
  • After 4 days aboard our private sailing ship, we enjoy a farewell dinner together on the coast of Flores, and, on Day 27, fly back to our original entry points into Indonesia.

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from $ 9,990 / pax

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