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Penang Wonderfood Museum

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Wonderfood Museum offers visitors a kitsch, kooky and in-depth look at
the city’s unique food culture with larger-than-life displays of
Malaysian dishes. Set within a 1940s colonial building in Georgetown,
the museum is divided into three galleries called Info Zone, Wow Zone,
and Educational Zone. All of the hyper-realistic models are handcrafted
by the museum’s owner, Sean Lao who utilises food replication techniques
from Japan.

The first section showcases over 100 types of popular street foods and
traditional delicacies of the Malays, Indians, Chinese, and Perakanan,
all of which are displayed in individual glass cases. Info Zone also
features miniature displays of how the locals eat on a typical day,
including breakfast at a roadside nasi lemak stall, Chinese-style
porridge for lunch, followed by roti canai and teh tarik at a mamak

Penang Wonderfood Museum’s giant replica food section in the Wow Zone
proves to be a big hit amongst locals and tourists alike. Visitors can
pose beside massive models of Penang delicacies such as cendol, laksa,
curry mee, rojak, char kuey teow, and ais kacang.

The museum also educates the public on how certain dining choices can
have negative impact on the environment. Within the Education Zone,
there’s a display of a wedding banquet table that’s scattered with
models of bloodied sharks to highlight the inhumane process of producing
shark fin soup.

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