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How to Pack Your Stuff Before Traveling

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As a Traveler, anything you can do to make your holiday fun and appropriate plan, including packing your stuff. Although you have to travel for a long time or in a short time. Everyone does not want to have excess baggage loads, or luggage that is left behind. Here are some tips you can do when packing for travel.

1. Separate all the clothes you want to carry

Take out all the clothes you want to bring for the holidays. No need to think about how long you’ll be on vacation, just take as many clothes as you can, then separate between clothes, pants / skirts, swimwear, underwear, and so on.

TIPS: Find out weather in your holiday destination through the weather app on your phone to avoid the wrong costumes with clothes that do not match the season.

2. Fold or roll?

These are two different tricks used to package clothes. Which is actually better? The answer is both. T-shirts, casual dresses, and clothes with non-tangle material should be rolled tightly to save space. As for the shirt and formal dress should be folded and put at the top of the pile of clothes. Clothes that have thick material, such as jeans, jacket or sweater you can put under the other clothes in the suitcase.

TIPS: Let’s see, what clothes are the heaviest or the most spend the spaces in the suitcase? It should be used on the way. This usually applies to jackets, jeans, and boots that simply spend space in the suitcase.

EXTRA TIPS: You are confused how to pack a bra so as not to eat the place and not damage the cup? Stack all the bra together, fill the cup with other objects, like underwear or accessory bag, then fold the bra by putting the two cups together.

3. Separate toiletries and cosmetics

Make sure all toiletries, body treatments and cosmetics are stored in a special bag or waterproof bag so that if it spills, your clothes will not get dirty or wet. If you depart by plane, do not forget to store toiletries more than 100ml at check-in baggage. Planning a trip to a tropical place? Also prepare a ziplock bag because many airports need all the fluids and creams to put in the bag.

TIPS: Need to keep moisturizing cream or sunscreen in the cabin bag, but the size of the bottle is above 100 ml? Take advantage of soft lens case aka contact lenses that you can buy in supermarkets with cheap prices and use to store your favorite creams or lotions during the trip.

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