Ubud Balinese Lifestyle Tour

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When you visit Bali, you will feel amazed at the lifestyle of Bali. Bali becomes one of the most exotic islands in Indonesia that has a lot of traditions and unique lifestyles. There are a lot of people who visit Bali because they want to know more about Balinese Lifestyle. Ubud can be your best destination if you want to know about the originality of Bali people. You can join Ubud Balinese Lifestyle tour to get this exciting moment and learn about Balinese. What can you see when joining this wonderful Ubud Bali tour?

Guide's language
Indonesia, English

Pick up location
Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Tuban, Jimbaran, Sanur, Ubud, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua area

Pick up time
9 : 00 AM

Tour's Duration
8 hours

Price from
Rp 320,000 / pax

Tour's Location
Bali, Indonesia

Activity List

  • Balinese Complete House :  Perhaps, the first thing that you want to see when joining Bali tour and see the lifestyle is Balinese Complete House. Balinese complete house is the house of the people of Bali and you can see what Balinese do every day in this area. There is a house located on the north side which is also known as Bale Daja. It is a place for elderlies. In the southern part, it is Bale Delod which is known as the kitchen and bathroom. Then, you can see in the eastern part or Bali Dangin where there is a religious ceremony such as wedding and funeral. The western side, it is Bale Dauh which is used for a family meeting where there is also a family temple or sanggah. You can even see the difference between modern kitchen and traditional kitchen in this complete house. If you want to visit this landmark, then you can go to Keliki Village in Ubud Bali. You will notice that there is a free school for children to learn about painting.
  • Tegalalang Beautiful Rice Field :  Bali is not only famous for its tradition but it is also popular because Bali has a wonderful nature view. Ubud is one of the best locations to witness the spectacular Bali nature view. If you are bored to see a forest, then you may see the wonderful Tegalalang Beautiful rice field by joining the Bali tour. This rice field is really spectacular and looks fantastic with its green accents. You can also see some farmers who grow some rice plants in the rice field. You can also join them if you want to know how to grow some rice. While you are enjoying the beauty of Tegalalang rice field, you can also enjoy your lunch in some local restaurants around the rice field. You can feel the wind blowing on your skin and makes you fresh. It will really increase your appetite to enjoy the Nusantara foods.
  • Seeing the Coffee Plantation :  Have you ever tried Bali coffee before? If you have not tried it yet before, then this can be your best time to enjoy the best Bali coffee when you join this lifestyle Bali tour. Bali is known to be the biggest coffee producer in Indonesia and Bali has the most delicious coffee in the world. You may try the original Bali black coffee or you can also try Bali Coffee Luwak as the best coffee product in Indonesia and world. In fact, you can also see the coffee plantation in Bali and learn how to produce the best Bali coffee. There are a lot of foreign tourists who visit Ubud because they want to see the coffee plantation and know the process of making Luwak coffee traditionally as well as try the Bali Luwak coffee which is considered as the most delicious coffee in the world. You can get this wonderful experience and moment if only you join Bali tour and your guide will escort you to this location.
  • Visiting Tirta Empul :  Tirta Empul is a holy temple which has holy spring water where anybody can take a bath in this spring water for sanctification. The local people believe that when someone soaks in this holy spring, then they will get safe and god will always bless their life. Tirta Empul becomes one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Bali where there are a lot of foreign tourists who visit this holy spring every day because they want to get blessed from the god. You may believe it or not and everybody can visit this landmark to take some photos and take a bath if they want. If you want to get to this location, then you must join Bali tour and you will be taken to this area.
  • Visiting Art Village :  Everybody knows that Bali has so many wonderful attractions to visit. However, Bali is not only popular because of its nature view, but Bali is also popular because it is the center of art. When you join Bali tour to enjoy Bali Island, then you will have a chance to visit art village in Ubud. There are so many artworks that you can see in this art village including Batik art, hand painting art, wood carving art, and silver jewelry. You can learn to make Batik from the local people or you can also join a hand painting class to make such a beautiful painting. Besides, you can also see the process of making wood carving and creation silver jewelry. If you have enough money, then you can also buy some of those artworks as souvenirs. In addition, the prices are also not too expensive and you can buy as many as you want.


  • Hotel return transfer/pick up and drop off (Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Tuban, Jimbaran, Sanur, Ubud, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua area)
  • Private Car 
  • Petrol 
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Entrance Fee 
  • parking fee 


  • meals fee and any other personal (optional) expenses.

Additional Info

  • minimun 2 Person 

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